The "Baltazar Zaprešić" University of Applied Sciences is located in Zaprešić, 20 km from Zagreb. It was founded in 2001 and today, with almost 3000 students enrolled, is the biggest private business U.A.S. in Croatia.

The specificity of the U.A.S. are scientifically-based and practice-oriented studies, adapted to meet the requirements of the labor market and employers in the fields of economy, finances, communications and culture.

The U.A.S. offers the following studies:

Professional Study of Business and Management with three majors:
Business Economics and Finance (Professional baccalaureus of economy – major Business Economics and Finance, 180 ECTS points)  
Cultural Management (Professional baccalaureus of economy – major Cultural Management, 180 ECTS points)   
Office Management (Professional baccalaureus of economy – major Office Management, 180 ECTS points)

Three Specialist Professional Graduate Studies:
Project Management (Professional specialist of project management, 120 ECTS points)
Communications Management (Professional specialist of communications management, 120 ECTS points)
Financial Management (Professional specialist of financial management, 120 ECTS points)