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Finances and investments (NEW!)

Scientific area of Social Sciences, scientific field Economics.
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Why this study?

Do you see yourself in the workplace of financial director, internal auditor, financial advisor, financial analyst, restructuring specialist, risk manager, portfolio manager, controlling specialist?

Do you want to improve your career, improve your skills or change your job?

Join the elite of financial experts!

Study finance and investments according to the latest CFA standards!

The teaching content of the course follows the recommendations and guidelines of the CFA Institute, on the basis of which you will integrate knowledge and skills for managing complex business processes, and at the end of your studies you will be able to present conclusions and propose solutions for problems of a financial nature and become recognizable experts in the field of finance!

The main areas for which this study will train you

  • yield evaluation
  • optimal financing structure
  • protective mechanisms against business risks
  • quantitative methods for modeling
  • financial reporting standards
  • financial forecasts
  • static and dynamic methods of company valuation
  • financial cycle management
  • in-depth recordings and evaluations
  • analysis and control of reports
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Finances and investments
Way of studying
Regular, Extraordinary
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On location
Duration of studies
2 academic years / 4 semesters
Cijena jedne godine studiranja:
3.300,00 €
Professional title after graduation
master's degree / master's degree in finance and investment (mag. oec.)
Voditelj/ica studija
Dario Lešić, univ. spec. oec.